The BOYS!!
Columbus and little "Luigi!"
"Let a Smile be Your Umbrella"
For Heaven's Sake singing "Happy Together!
"Cuz She's a Blonde! "
The Happy Couple! Ha! Ha!
Katie in "Warm ups!"
The GIRLS!!!
Lorie, Laurie, Lynn, and Mary Ann singing "This is the Moment". THANKS LYNN!!
UNIVERSAL quartet!
The Clinicians! Jim and Katie
The Finale ~ "God Bless America"
2008 Harmony Explosion Camp

 Sponsored by:
Seneca Land District of BHS, 
Area 3 of Harmony, Inc. and
Harmony Foundation of BHS 

R.I.T College, Rochester, NY 

 Teaching quartets:
Lorie, Laurie, Lynn and Mary Ann
Stu, Barney, Chuck and Bob

CORNERSTONE charms the audience! 
FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE performs! 
The Finale ~ "God Bless America" 
The talented boys and girls are joined by members of Chorus of Genessee and Rochester Rhapsody to sing this awesome Joe Liles 8 part arrangement! 
Bob Coant ~ The big cheese!!!